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Recovery Room 7

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Recovery for Our Times!


Recovery, done right, is an amazing road of self-discovery and Divine revelation!

Recovery here, at Recovery Room 7, is always a FREE GIFT from us to you.
God wants it that way!

Your story is waiting be to be Re-Written with Jesus Christ!

Life controlling behaviors will no longer be able to control you!

Our Methodology is a carefully designed fusion of specialized life coaching, biblical counseling, teaching, and balanced, non-denominational, authentic Biblical discipleship.

All of these elements are carefully consructed to fit only YOU!

Recovery is a road to be travelled on only once!

It's a beautiful time of awakening!

When you go through Recovery here, it's a Biblical journey based
on the promises of the One True Living God of the Bible. Once you receive Salvation,
through Jesus Christ, you become "heirs to His promises". One of many of His promises is to set you FREE!

Your road is filled with understanding your Divine purpose here on earth, to receive God's wisdom, and even includes having supernatural experiences. Life just makes sense as you journey forward.

Our specialized coaching prepares you to develop your own future rather than a future that is influenced or directed by someone else. After all, it is YOUR life!

Through Powerful, Gentle, & Transformational
Christian Life Coaching, We guide you
into being able to rewrite your own story!

Highlights of Recovery Room 7

  • Powerful Discipleship that Destroys Addictive Behaviors

  • Professional Life Coaches, certified in many areas, and able to properly guide you

  • One-on-one Transformational Recovery Coaching

  • Professional Teachers, Certified by the world renown Adult & Teen Challenge

  • Non-Denominational & 100% Biblical

  • Live Sessions Via Zoom & Phone

  • All the Support You Need Between Sessions

The true miracle of Christian Recovery Life Coaching is that it uncovers the real you inside
and what you truly want out of life. The revelations you receive through your coaching
sessions may even surprise YOU! It changes you from the inside out!

Are you ready?

You'll be able to
begin to re-imagine
your future!

From the comfort of home!

Except for a rare number of exceptions, you don't have to be
warehoused in some strange facility away from home,
manned by some very dispassionate people. You can have
your recovery right in your own home! Engaging your family
members in your recovery leads to a quicker recovery for you,
and a better experience for all.

It's so very important to be able to relax and feel safe
during recovery, so that you can set yourself apart to focus
and enjoy your one on one time with video sessions, phone
sessions, and private study.

With your permission, we can engage your family
members so that they understand you better and
can participate. Addiction & Recovery are
family issues - not just yours.

When you're at home,
you're relaxed!

Groups Coming Soon!


Yes, we have a Recovery Club coming soon! It's also going to be FREE and for everyone.

Please contact us to let us know you're interested.

Looking forward to seeing you, at The Recovery Club, for an uplifting 90 minutes, filled with good people who understand your journey.

Time is running out!

Come to us by going to our contact page and letting us know you're serious about God and your complete recovery. We'll have a conversation, discuss your individual needs, and give you a plan.

Please don't wait. We have eliminated all obstacles for you... even money.

For most of you, time is running out! We're right here for you.

"Come to Me,
all you who labor and are heavy laden,
and I will give you rest."

Jesus' own words in Matthew 11:28


We are a BIBLE BASED NON-CLINICAL RECOVERY MINISTRY that implements highly skilled coaching, mentoring, Biblical counseling, and teaching skills as our tools for healing, with the Holy Bible as our source for everything we do. We are a viable alternative to conventional clinical rehabs for those of faith. We are not a replacement for medical or psychiatric care that may be required. We are a qualified addiction and recovery ministry outreach with a team that are certified Adult & Teen Challenge teachers, certified Christian Life Coaches in a variety of areas, mentors, lay Biblical counselors, certified facilitators and ordained ministers. We are not to be confused with being a licensed conventional medical rehab or detox facility, or licensed mental health professionals who conduct group and private clinical therapy sessions. All of that said, we are a highly effective program that brings alive the promises of Jesus Christ and His complete healing. Your successful outcome has everything to do with you and your commitment to Christ and to both your assignments and presence in all sessions.

We are not responsible for accidental errors in website content. If anything appears contradictory or unusual, please let us know so that we can clear things up and fix this website.

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Below are just a few highlights of the story behind how Recovery Room 7 came into being.

I have this here so that you know I'm a real person who has been through much trauma and brokenness just as you have.

Despite my former addiction, Jesus rescued me and has kept me living
a clean and drug FREE life!

I've never once looked back or ever wanted drugs again.

There are never any relapses when you love and follow the Lord Jesus.
He holds you in the palm of His Mighty Hands. It's a Supernatural journey you're going to love!

So, my friends, I've been where you are and now I'm forever free! I so want the same thing for all of you too, and so does our God! Let me lead you into the Light of Jesus the Messiah and you'll never walk in darkness again!

Our Story Of
How Recovery Room 7 Came To Be

It all began back in March of 2008. After many years of being prescribed a total of 12 dangerous and addictive drugs, I, the co-founder of this ministry, suffered a massive overdose from which I wasn't supposed to survive. By a miracle of the Lord Jesus Christ, and by His grace, I actually made it back from death, against all odds.

Let’s Backtrack
I had dabbled with drugs and alcohol since I was 8 years young. I learned what I lived, as all children do. My parents lived in constant anger and despair due to their having had 8 children with only one who survived - that was me. I was the seventh of of those eight children. To get through the emotional pain and trauma, my mom lived on benzos and my dad lived on alcohol everyday after work. They were good and respectable people. They did the best they could from what they knew and from their brokenness from tragedy after tragedy. They were also great providers; however, their love was confusing to me as a child, as it was interwoven with anger, resentment, fear, anxiety, unrest, and mistrust in God. So, love to me, was bittersweet.

Early on, I learned that if I’m stressed about something, it was okay to pop the pills my mom gave me as though they were candies, and to drink the booze my dad made available to me in the open liquor cabinets in our home. At that age, you just don’t question these things. Drinking and drugging became my ‘normal’. It all gained momentum through the next decades. It became my way of not dealing with human emotion.

My Adulthood
Now, let’s fast forward into my adulthood. After many, many traumatic events in my life, diverse schooling, many life experiences, and many mind altering drugs, I settled mostly on nursing. During my later years, my career led me to being both an HIV Nurse and Drug Counselor in two major facilities of a highly esteemed drug rehab. I really enjoyed my work, never once considering myself addicted. At the rehab, my duties were to manage and monitor the HIV patients in two facilities, and to run support groups as well as individual counseling sessions for the residents of both facilities as well. Most of my patients were from the prison system. Each one of them had been given a shorter sentence if they attended the rehab and were both compliant and successful in recovery. If they didn’t fully cooperate, they would then have to return to prison and live out their sentences. None of them wanted that! Each of the residents had their own set of very sad stories and traumas, and they shared their lives with me. Most of their stories and struggles were totally shocking and unthinkable. It awakened me to the gravity of the effects of abusive upbringing, homelessness, prostitution, crime, living a life without love, and much more. Some found Christ; most didn’t at that time.

The Final Straw
It was a very icy morning when I arrived at my first facility to check on my HIV patients to do routine testing. I was carrying my usual stack of files down a steep and icy incline that led from the parking lot to the building where I needed to be. In the blink of an eyes, I slipped. I rolled down the hill and was found, rescued, and carried into the building by an inmate who was chipping ice on the ground with a toothbrush (as a punishment for bad behavior). An ambulance was called and I was rushed to the ER of a local hospital. It was on that day, when my addiction became my personal Goliath.

Testing revealed that I had many spinal injuries along with a TBI (traumatic brain injury). I began being bounced around to many specialists for testing and treatment to see if they could put me back together again. Most prescription drug addiction begins with some sort of injury or chronic pain. I didn't realize, at that time, that only Jesus Christ could truly help me. The pain, radiating throughout my entire body, was agonizing, and I was forced to leave the job that I had come to love and a career that I worked hard for. So much for good planning! God had other plans for me.

Another Fast Forward
After over 7 years of pain management, constant spinal injections of steroids, and one very unsuccessful ablation surgery, I was taking massive amounts of opioids plus other dangerous and addictive drugs. These were all prescribed to me by 2 doctors in just one pain control practice. So, each doctor was fully aware of all of my ‘meds’ and what each one was prescribing for me. My prescription drugs mainly consisted of hydrocodone, morphine, methadone, codeine, oxycontin, percocet, fentanyl tablets, fentanyl patches, soma, ativan, and an ever changing combination of antidepressants. I was told that my ‘quality of life’ would only improve if I took these drugs, so I did! I was told to take any of them whenever needed. My medical knowledge was obliterated by the unrelenting power these drugs had over me. Although I was a nurse, with a history of working with a drug addicted population, I was too far gone to even question or think about what these drugs would do to me. I became ravaged by my addiction and my pain kept getting worse. I was sleeping away most of my life. Even when I was awake, I was always extremely lethargic and, of course, loopy. Toward the very end, I was so unstable that I fell again, incurring further injuries to my already damaged spine. Additionally, I fractured my skull and one shoulder in two places. What was the treatment by my doctors? More dangerous prescription drugs, of course!

The Bell Went Off
I reached a point when I knew death was near. I actually felt it chasing me. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve been through something similar. I finally knew that I was truly addicted and was about to die.

Where was Jesus?
Jesus was with me the whole time; but, every time I reached out to Him, there was a deep chasm in front of me which I was too weak to cross in order to reach Him. Insidiously, the drugs became my ‘god’. The further into my addiction I got, the more Jesus faded before my eyes.

The Flood
A flash flood came into my town a couple of months before my crash and burn. My husband was at work and I was at home. The firefighters banged at my door. In my stupor from the drugs, it took me time to know they were there. I opened the door to find that my house was submerged in water right up to the top of the stairs that was once my porch. I looked out and nearly fainted. The firefighters told me that they had a boat to pick me up to take me to the firehouse where I’d be safe. I didn’t want to go; however, they told me that my house would become my coffin. So, I went, leaving everything behind. I grabbed our 2 dogs, who, at first, were not allowed in the small boat; however, I told the firemen it's me and my dogs or it's no one.

Our home was destroyed but God kept me breathing.

My Crash & Burn
It was just after the flood that we rented a temporary house. We were homeless for a few weeks but finally rented a house nearby. It was then that the hallucinations and SEVERE withdrawal started. I was SO sick. I was seeing things that weren’t there, hearing things that didn’t exist, vomiting, unable to eat because food tasted like 'death', my heart was constantly racing, and I couldn’t sleep at all, My lips, tongue, and fingernails were blue in color. I began bleeding from every opening in my body. (Sorry to be gross, but you need to know.) I didn’t know the person I had become. I was actually welcoming death at that point. The gravest problem was that my mind was off of my sweet Jesus who gave His life for me. I didn’t think about anything but death, but something inside me still needed to live.

Without getting into very disturbing details, I found myself on a remote country road with nothing and no one around me. I was confused and so very sick from the toxicity of the accumulation of drugs in my body (withdrawal). I collapsed and had lost consciousness due to what was later diagnosed as a lethal accidental overdose.

At the hospital, my attending doctors and medical staff offered little to no hope. As I was free falling into death's arms, I remember hearing the voice of a male ambulance attendant loudly calling my name and telling me to wake up, but I couldn’t respond. At the hospital, I also remember the voices of two female strangers constantly telling me to fight. One stranger was a volunteer from a local church; the other was a Christian nurse. I will never ever forget them. Both would end up getting on their knees beside me and praying for my healing. God was always with me, even when I couldn't find Him. He found me! And, yes, I heard the voice of God during all of this trauma. I even saw and actually stood before the Lord Jesus Christ who comforted me. He told me that I would have to endure a great deal, but I would come out the other side in total freedom, and I did! So can you.

Although this is a very, very abbreviated summary of what I've been through, I can only say that whatever you've been through, I've been there too. Often I believe that the Lord allowed all of the traumas in my life so that one day, you and I would be speaking, and you will know that God provides a way out that leads to His glory and purpose for your life.

You life is so very valuable. Jesus Christ formed you in your mother's womb. It doesn't matter if you came into being from love or from the trauma of rape, incest, or other violence. Jesus turns all things into good that is used for His purpose. This is not a fairy tale; this is REAL! The Bible is real! Jesus Christ came here to bring the Gospel. Jesus really died for you and me. Jesus really arose from the dead! And yes, Jesus has prepared a place for you and me in a perfect eternity with Him. Eternity is FOREVER. This life, the Bible say, it's just a "vapor". Just believe and walk with Him the way He asks us to. Will you join me?

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear,
but of Power & of Love, and of a Sound Mind."

2 Timothy 1:7, The Bible

We keep recovery simple!

Copyright 2021, Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc, Recovery Room 7. All rights reserved.

Questions? Concerns? Confusion? Still Feeling Clueless?

We understand you have lots of questions,
and we're here to respond to those until you fully understand.

Although we could offer you a list of frequently asked questions,
we'd much rather keep it simple here on this site.
We believe it is far better to spend a little Zoom time
with you to answer all your concerns.
This way, we can get a better understanding of what you will need.

Yes, our initial Zoom session is, of course, FREE, just like our program!


We are here to help you through a successful recovery.
We're a mission, not a business, so we do NOT charge.
If people, or their families, want to donate in order
to keep recovery free, that's between them and God.

We don't turn anyone away.

We are a federally approved and charitable 501(c) 3 Christian nonprofit corporation.

Phase 1

"Be still, and know that I Am God."
(Psalm 46:10)

" They are not part of this world any more than I Am.
Make them pure and holy through teaching them,
Your words of Truth."
(John 17:16-17)

What are the 3 Phases of Recovery here at Recovery Room 7?

Phase 2

" And do not be conformed to this world,
but be transformed by the renewing of your mind,
that you may prove what is that
good and acceptable and perfect will of God. "
(Romans 12:2)

Phase 3

" But those who wait on the Lord
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint. ."
(Isaiah 40:31)

" After you have suffered a little while,
our God, who is full of kindness through Christ,
will give you his eternal glory.
He personally will come and pick you up,
and set you firmly in place, and make you stronger than ever. "
(1 Peter 5:10)

Who are the leaders?

Bill (President) & Dina (VP) Perkins
are the co-founders and executive directors
of Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc / Recovery Room 7.

At Recovery Room 7, we have life coaches certified in
mental health, leadership, and marriage. Our coaches are also have their teaching and facilitator certifications from
the world renown Adult & Teen Challenge program.
Two of our coaches are also ordained ministers,
permitting them to be lay Biblical counselors as well.
Dina Perkins is also a member, in good standing, of the AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors),
and is, among other qualifications, a retired nurse.

All of that said, we also have the most amazing, diversified, and talented Board of Directors who oversee all operations.

*Credentials available upon request.

What about Covid?

There are no covid worries here!

For that matter, and aside from covid,
you're safe in all ways
because you're in
the place you love best - home!

We are 100% virtual.

You're totally safe with us😊

What about family members struggling with a loved one's addiction and/or recovery

Family Support is so important to the person who is recovering.
This support and understanding of family members
can be the tipping point in many cases.

We provide help and support for household family members who are trying to cope with and understand a loved one's addiction and recovery.

We help the family see both through the eyes of God, and through the eyes of their struggling loved one. Just because you are a family member doesn't mean you understand addiction or recovery. So, take what we're offering. We're here to help you and to help you help your loved one.

But those who wait on the Lord
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint.

Isaiah 40:31, The Bible

We keep recovery simple!

Copyright 2021, Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc, Recovery Room 7. All rights reserved.

"Behold, I will do a new thing,
Now it shall spring forth;
Shall you not know it?
I will even make a road in the wilderness
And rivers in the desert."

Isaiah 43:19, The Bible

We keep recovery simple!

email: DinaPerkins@RecoveryRoom7.com
call/text: (406) 552-0377

Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc
Recovery Room 7
PO Box 145
Hot Springs MT 59845

Copyright 2021, Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc, Recovery Room 7. All rights reserved.


We offer you two ways of giving.
Shop at one of our amazing online stores or just donate the conventional way.
God's blessings to all of you who help us to provide life saving services.

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These days, no one wants to go to the doctor, emergency room, or urgent center because of a simple health issue. Who wants to be with all the covid infected people! Now, you can stay safer and acces a doctor 24/7/365 from home! We have a super affordable telehealth membership plan that covers you, your family AND even your pets! Please check it out below.

None of us in this ministry are paid. This mission is from God, and is a sacrificial a work of the heart. That said, we still need resources to keep doing what we're doing and grow.

So, if you feel led to donate, please do! We need funding to keep going.

All donations are 100% tax deductible, as we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.

Please donate by clicking the link below!

Thank you!

Want a reason to get out of bed?

We can offer you many reasons to get out of bed everyday, within the scope of our volunteer opportunities. Volunteering is a very special and needed form of donating.

C'mon, get on board by giving of yourself and paying it forward! Without exception, we're ALL volunteers here at Recovery Room 7. Yes, ALL!

If you're interested, just contact us on our contact page.

"Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together,
and running over will be put into your bosom.
For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.”

Luke 6:38, The words of Jesus in The Bible

We keep recovery simple!

Copyright 2021, Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc, Recovery Room 7. All rights reserved.