We Offer You the BIBLICAL CURE for Addiction

Your Questions, Our Answers

What's the cost?  

Cost?  No worries about that. We run a mission, not a business, so there is no charge.  We are a Federally registered 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.  The only time you would have to pay is if you don't show up for appointments or you don't do the homework lessons.  At that point, you would have to make the decision to pay or find another program.

What happens in  Recovery Room 7?

Recovery Room 7 is a unique, multifaceted, and specialized individualized spiritual and educational experience consisting of focused life coaching, one on one Biblical counseling, Discipleship through the Adult & Teen Challenge PSNL Program (which has between a 70% to 87.5% success rate which varies according to the facility), mentoring, paying it forward, fellowship and Bible study.  We call it an 'experience' and an 'adventure in self discovery'.  We've been working with people by phone and video sessions online since 2010.

How do I know if Recovery Room 7 has the potential to be right for me?

If you are a born again believer, then we can tell you right now that this 'shoe' can fit you perfectly. Even if you are not yet  a Christian, your world will open up to you with new and exciting knowledge. Remember that there is no 'one size fits all' in any aspect of life; however, we feel that  Recovery Room 7  is the best shot you have so that you won't have to ever worry about addiction again.

How long will I have to attend?

You will attend until you complete your course. You can graduate successfully in 3 to 6 months. It can also take up to one year or more, depending on the time and effort you invest. Your graduation is dependent upon how hard you work and how serious you are.  If you are diligent, do all the work, and take your recovery seriously, then there's no reason why your course needs to take more than 3 or 4 months. Occasionally, some take up  to one year.

Why do I even need recovery when I know I'm done with drugs & alcohol?

Many people feel that detox has cleared them and that they don't need recovery.  To think this way is a HUGE mistake... one that will bite you later.  Detoxing from drugs and alcohol cleans the body, not the brain.  Without getting into too much here, you need to understand that your brain takes approximately one year to heal from when your addiction ended.  You go through a myriad of phases as the brain heals from the abuse you put it through.  As your brain heals, we take you through a Biblical transformation process for your mind which replaces the addictive brain with the Biblical, God given one.

What if I don't show up sometimes or cancel appointments?

Since this is a FREE GIFT to you, you must be held accountable for valuing this gift.  We're very strict with this policy.  You must show up for scheduled appointments and do all your homework on time.  You will get one warning only if you miss a session or don't do the homework.  If you don't heed the warning, you will have to pay for the balance of your Recovery or your Recovery with us will end.  We do, however, allow for that unforeseen rare emergency situation.  You will, however, need to verify those types of emergencies.  

Who will be leading Recovery room 7 Online and what are their backgrounds?

Bill & Dina Perkins are the ministry leaders of this program.  They are the co-founders and executive directors  of Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc.

Bill  is an ordained minister who, in the past, has pastored  two churches that he planted himself. He took part in a missions trip, back in the late 90's, where he traveled from Montana to upstate New York to witness to the Jewish people. It was there, in New York, where he met his wife and where they spent the next 11 years together, until God called them back to Montana. Bill also spent time in Israel, where he volunteered and helped to build Carmel Assembly, a Messianic church. He also was privileged to be a guest preacher in churches in New York. Bill is co-founder of Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc, along with his wife, Dina. His passion and expertise are in the areas of the Bible and theology, and has taken part in teaching many Bible studies over the years. Bill is a certified Christian Leadership Life Coach and especially enjoys Biblical spiritual coaching. Bill is a lay Biblical counselor. His higher education years were spent at The University of Montana, Shasta College, Seattle Central Community College, and Northwest College. He majored in theology and childhood development. Bill is a Certified PSNC teacher with Teen Challenge and qualified to administer the program here at Victory Retreat Montana. Noteworthy is that Bill is an avid blogger on Biblical end times and world events.  His blog is   He also has a newer  blog at

Dina  is a retired nurse. She spent 27 years in the field and practiced in the areas of medical surgical nursing, home health care, geriatrics, drug and alcohol rehabilitation as a counselor and HIV nurse, and in various medical office environments. She had her own practice, in New York, as a non-attorney representative, analyzing cases and going to court to fight for Social Security disability benefits for eligible clients. She became certified in two areas of Christian Life Coaching as a leadership coach and as a marriage educator and coach. She especially enjoys and excels in addiction, recovery and health coaching. She also became licensed as a drug and alcohol interventionist. Dina is a lay chaplain and a lay Biblical counselor. Her higher education studies included nursing, science, and psychology where she attended Drexel University, Fordham University, Ramapo College and Englewood Hospital School of Nursing. She is a Teen Challenge  Certified PSNC teacher and also has her certification in cognitive behavioral therapy (the Biblical way). Dina is a faithful and avid blogger  for God, addiction, and alternative health. You can read her blogs at: and her story of addiction at  Dina suffered a massive prescription drug overdose in 2008 from which she was not supposed to live.  The miracle that Jesus performed by her near death gave birth to this ministry.

Get more information about Bill & Dina and this ministry on our ABOUT page.

Are there any extras that I need to buy?

No, not unless you want to.

Since you are a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, are donations that I may make tax deductible?

The answer is absolutely YES!  If you or any of your loved ones wish to donate, all donations are 100% tax deductible, by law. 

Will you be working with me individually - one on one, or in a group?

Both!  We work with you one on one, simply because each and every person is unique and requires different things.  Groups are now being formed for those who want them.  The groups will be in a group coaching format which will be fun, thought provoking, uplifting, and absolutely transformational!

Are you available to me 24/7 if I feel I need to have contact with you?

Yes, by email, text and chat, as long as it has to do with your recovery.  In a non-life threatening emergency, we'll connect by phone or chat.  If it is a life-threatening emergency, such as a possible overdose or potential suicide, you need to call 911 immediately.

Do you limit texts, chats and emails?

There are no limits to texts, chats, or emails, as long as they are recovery related.  During busy times, more urgent messages are replied to first; however, you will receive a response to normal messages within a 12 hour window.  Video conferences and phone calls must be scheduled ahead of time.

What written work will I be doing?

The Adult & Teen Challenge PSNL Program, One Step and other Bible study materials include written lessons that, when completed, we talk about together.  They provide the basis for your counseling sessions and coaching sessions, as well as to provide us with a better understanding of who you are and what you need. These are wonderful tools  to get you to where you need to be.  We can assure you that all written work is thought provoking, engaging, enjoyable and purposeful.  Be prepared to work hard!  This program is not for those who don't want to work!

Must I be clean and sober before participating?

YES! YES! And YES!  Your mind and body must be detoxed, clean and sober before you can go into recovery, or nothing will make sense.  You know full well that when you're withdrawing or using, you don't care about anything but drugs and/or alcohol. You will need a clear and clean mind for success.  If you are actively in an addiction, we can also can provide a few sessions that will lead you to getting into medically supervised detox, after which you will be able to attend Recovery Rom 7.  

Will you be treating me with respect or will you be calling me a 'diseased addict' who will keep relapsing? 

The Recovery Team at Recovery Room 7 is compassionate, respectful and understanding.  We do not believe in the 'disease theory' of addiction. We prohibit the use of the word, 'addict',  as it is not who you are and it marginalizes you. You will always be respected and treated with the dignity every human being deserves. No human should ever be tagged.

Must I be a born again Christian to attend your recovery program?

No.  We discriminate against no one for any reason; however, you need to know that this program is based strictly on the Holy Bible and our program  will NOT be compromised to meet your needs if you are not saved.

Okay, I want to give this a try ~ what do I do?

You can send us an email  and we will contact you with all of the details and forms to complete. You can also go to our CONTACT page and email us. We will get back to you in a very short window of time... most probably that same day if you contact us early enough. 

We have a family member who is in an addiction; how can you help us?

We can help!  Please contact us in this situation.

What are you waiting for?  We've made it obstacle free!  It starts with a simple choice of sending us an email.  You can choose life or you can choose death. Time is quickly running out for all those challenged by addiction.  Your next high could be your last.  Overdoses give no warning and are increasing.  Choose life and living it to the fullest.  Please accept the opportunity we are offering you today.  


Question Yourself


Here are the 3 questions:  

  1. What if I do nothing?
  2. What will it take for me to finally get help and end the cycle of addiction that has totally taken me over?
  3. Am I committing slow suicide because I know my addiction will eventually end my life?

I always wished that if I could think of that one question that would cause an immediate epiphany to any person chained by addiction. Well, it doesn't exist.  People ruled by drugs and alcohol don't even have the ability to understand what they're doing!  They will either risk their lives by waiting to hit their rock bottom, or they need to be rescued by their loved ones before their addiction kills them... plain and simple.

Unless a person hits Rock Bottom, nothing usually happens.  Rock Bottom is different for everyone; however, it usually comes from things like an overdose, homelessness, prostitution, imprisonment, the separation from family & loved ones, and the inability to tolerate withdrawal.  Are you in a vicious cycle with recovery or are you still using and unable to fight to get  out of your addiction?  Whatever it is, isn't it time?

Addiction chains the person using and creates hostages of their family members.

What you do know is that this darkness seems to never end, no matter what you do, and it's destroying your life.  You don't have to be stuck in that revolving door!

We're here for you if you want to reach out to the God of the Bible.  The program is FREE, so what's stopping you?

The bottom line with addiction is that its goal is to destroy you and then take your life at any moment!  Aren't you worth more than that?



We are a BIBLE BASED NON-CLINICAL RECOVERY MINISTRY that implements highly skilled coaching, mentoring and teaching skills as its tools for healing, and the Holy Bible as our source for everything we do. We area highly viable alternative to conventional clinical rehabs. We are not a replacement for medical or psychiatric care that may be required. We are a highly qualified addiction and recovery ministry outreach who are certified Adult & Teen Challenge Teachers and Certified Christian Life Coaches in a variety of areas, as well as mentors, facilitators and ordained ministers.  We are not a licensed conventional medical rehab or detox facility.   We are not to be confused with licensed mental health professionals who conduct group and private clinical therapy sessions.  All of that said, we are a highly effective program that brings alive the promises of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, and His complete healing. 

Second chances are God's love gift to you!